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Iron Kid Videos

Gaff, Guardian of the Eon family, hides the legendary fist escaping from Black Beauty and her Robot Ninjas. Marty and Buttons finds Ally and encounters the fist. When Marty put it on, the Fist comes to life as a permanent part of Marty’s arm.

While Marty tries to remove the Fist from his arm, it activates sending him flying and disrupting a thieves’ plan. Charlie, Eon’s old steward, remembers: Marty’s real father was trapped at the final battle and he gave him the child to raise as his own.

Although Charlie thinks Marty is still too young, he urges him to cross the Great Desert and meets Gaff. During the journey, Ally tells Marty that she escaped to avoid the Gigantor’s reconstruction -a deadly weapon from the Robot Wars-.