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Gladiator Videos

The emperor calls all his finest gladiators together because he wants to conserve their images in sculpture for posterity. But something strange occurs… the statues come alive! Will our real heroes be able to fight against themselves and triumph?

Sporadicus has come to Cornucopia and is very interested in tricking Rumpus and taking him back to Rome. To the great coliseum where the gladiatorial battles are a bit different than the ones Rumpus is accustomed to. Will Fracas, Arenas and Hocus be able to rescue their friend?

It’s St. Valentine’s Day, time for the Games in Cornucopia, which bring together competitors from all over the territory. Among the competitors is a very special adversary: a plant from a region known for its greenhouses. Will our brave heroes be able to win the battle against the Flowers of Evil?