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Sandokan Videos

Sandokan and Yáñez listen as a pirate decodes some signs that will reveal to them how to get to the land of Sandokan’s ancestors. They discover a spy serving the rajah who usurped Sandokan’s father’s throne, and Sandokan decides to sail in search of the rajah even though it may all be just a trap.

Sandokan and his pirates head towards Kin-Ballu, following the directions given to them by the spy Nasumbata before he died, but they are confronted by the burst of a cannonball… due to the superiority of the rajáh’s ships, Sandokan’s sloop is sunk. In the heat of battle, it was practically impossible to see exactly what had happened!

Sandokan wakes up and finds himself in a very luxurious and comfortable room in the home of Lord James Guillonk. He is drawn by the sound of sweet music emanating from a mandolin played by Mariana, the niece of his host…