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Toonimals Videos

Toonimals begins on a television set. Ollie the owl presents the Toonimals’ world’s movie star -- Mus Musculus, the pet mouse. We’ll see what’s never been seen before about mice!

Pelotero the beetle will guide us along on a fun-filled journey into the world of insects. In search of a slippery ball of dung, Pelotero and Ollie will go inside a very well-organized anthill. And with them, total chaos!

Life in the jungle of the Toonimals is very difficult for Chimp, an ingenious salesman, who will show us how to use the different tools the chimpanzees employ in their daily lives. And we will discover just how crazy the jungle they live in is: their conquests, their food, the dangers that exist… in a word, the world of our hairy ancestors.