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Dogtanian Videos

Dogtanian dreams of being an expert swordsman and a member of the famous Muskehounds. A gentleman calls on his father and Dogtanian is sent to Paris with a letter of introduction to Monsieur Treville.

On his journey to Paris, Dogtanian fights a duel with a mysterious cavalier, who leaves him to be beaten up with the hotel-keeper. The man, subsequently, returns to rob Dogtanian of his letter of introduction.

Dogtanian has to leave his horse to pay the hotel bill. In Paris, he is unable to see the Captain of the Muskehounds without a letter of introduction. Dogtanian sleeps in the street and is woken by water falling on him launched by Juliet …


Dogtanian Games

To be a good Muskehound you have to know your mates well, so they can’t fool you. Show everyone that no one knows Dogtanian as well as you do by identifying the 7 differences.

Choose one of the white pictures and color it in by moving the computer mouse. Show us that you´re an artist, try to capture the original drawing; or be even more creative and come up with your own design!

Rack your brain with this fun interactive puzzle that hides images of your favorite characters: Dogtanian, Juliet and their children Try and complete it and print out the results if you want.

Dogtanian Activities

Download various drawings of your favorite characters for colorizing. Print them and enjoy by colorizing them Dogtanian and their friends.

A sheet of newspaper and a little ability, you don’t need anything more to create your very own Dogtanian-style sword. Become a Muskehound and use your sword to defend the King of France, Juliette or whoever needs help.

Fight boredom with pastimes from Dogtanian. Download them and drive yourself crazy trying to figure them out! Can you do them all?