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How did the idea of playing football come about? What were the customs of stone-age men? All the answers in Stone-Age Football Stories.

The King of all Sports arrived in one of the greatest civilizations of all time. You will discover not only basic rules but also the most relevant aspects of Egyptian civilization.

New rules emerge that drive the fans crazy. The ways of cheering on players evolve. And you’ll learn about Cretan society.


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Transfer is a master of disguise, so you always have to be on the lookout; but the slightest detail can sometimes be the clue you need to find him out. Locate the seven differences in these pictures and prove that you’re able to do just that.

Help Mimi matching fruits to each color blocks to avoid floods in the kitchen

Be the best climber! Help Travis get to the top of the building. But be careful! Costantine won’t it easy for you!

Choose one of the white pictures and color it in by moving the computer mouse. Show us that you´re an artist, try to capture the original drawing; or be even more creative and come up with your own design!

Knock yourself out with this great interactive puzzle containing the different characters in Zoobabu. Try to complete the puzzle, and print it out if you like it!

Rack your brain with this fun interactive puzzle that hides images of your favorite characters: Dogtanian, Juliet and their children Try and complete it and print out the results if you want.

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Football Stories Activities

A sheet of newspaper and a little ability, you don’t need anything more to create your very own Dogtanian-style sword. Become a Muskehound and use your sword to defend the King of France, Juliette or whoever needs help.