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Papawa Videos

Home Postal Delivery Service: The poor mail lady has to deliver something to the island of Papawa. But our friends aren’t going to make it easy for her… will she make her delivery on time?

They set up a dance contest on the island of Papawa. Disco is sure he’s going to win, but the others have more than one ace up their collective sleeves to prevent that from happening. Don’t miss the shenanigans these mischievous little creatures can come up with!

At last, the wishes from the genie of the lamp will come true… though they might also just turn out to be nightmares. It’s time for this very strange genie to get what he deserves!


Other Shows Games

Choose one of the white pictures and color it in by moving the computer mouse. Show us that you´re an artist, try to capture the original drawing; or be even more creative and come up with your own design!

Rack your brain with this fun interactive puzzle that hides images of your favorite characters from David the Gnome. Try and complete it and print out the results if you want.

To be a good Muskehound you have to know your mates well, so they can’t fool you. Show everyone that no one knows Dogtanian as well as you do by identifying the 7 differences.

Do you know how many Invizimals are there? That's almost impossible! But we want to help you to remember them. Let's try with this game that challenges your memory.

Put the letters of Zippy and Zappy’s names together and make them the Kings of Synchronized Diving! Do you think you can do it?

What a mess! Do your best and try to solve the conduit problem before time is up. Open the stopcock and score extra more points!

Transfer is a master of disguise, so you always have to be on the lookout; but the slightest detail can sometimes be the clue you need to find him out. Locate the seven differences in these pictures and prove that you’re able to do just that.

Other Shows Activities

Download the pieces of the puzzle of David and Lisa, cut them out and try to put the puzzle together in the least amount of time possible. You can keep the picture to decorate your room or take it apart and put it back together again.

Cut out the card with adult assistance and fold by the dotted line. Glue the two halves by the blank side and you will list your zip. It only remains to take the letter to the mailbox and behave yourself!

Download various drawings of your favorite characters for colorizing. Print them and enjoy by colorizing them Dogtanian and their friends.

Print the template and follow the easy instructions to assemble your own Bernard bookmarker. Be original! You can remember which page of your favorite book you read the last with the help of Bernard.

Download various drawings of your favorite characters for coloring. Print them and enjoy by coloring Tigershark and his friends.

Download the pattern and you’ll be able to make your own Willy Fog picture frame. Use it for photos of your travels and show how you, too, could go around the world in 80 days.

Fight boredom with pastimes from David. Download them and drive yourself crazy trying to figure them out! Can you do them all?

A sheet of newspaper and a little ability, you don’t need anything more to create your very own Dogtanian-style sword. Become a Muskehound and use your sword to defend the King of France, Juliette or whoever needs help.