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Khuda-Yana Videos

The Festival of Bal-Tilak is the ultimate pirate gathering. It’s a place to swap treasures and stories with fellow-pirates from all over the world, and Khuda has been preparing for it for months. However, Blue Girl has different plans for “the future king of Kosala,” and she sends Khuda to a desert island to train a 12 feet chameleon-like beast. Party over!!

Chek is called to the storytellers guild. Among big heroes, artists and citizens other storytellers bring, Chek has to convince and show everybody that Khuda is a hero and his story is worth of being written… under all that thief reckless stuff of the surface.

Khuda and Sita are in the middle of the most heated dispute of the year when Blue Girl decides it’s time for Khuda to start thinking about marriage. He is not at all interested in the subject, so Blue Girl puts a spell on him. Now every female falls for Khuda.


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Rack your brains with this fun-filled interactive puzzle that hides images of your favorite characters: Willy, Rigodón, Tico, etc. Try and complete it and print out the results if you want.

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Put the letters of Zippy and Zappy’s names together and make them the Kings of Synchronized Diving! Do you think you can do it?