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Four young women share the same dream – to become the finest Top Models in the world. All their hope resides in one super-agent… will they manage to reach the summit?

Successful in the fashion world requires overcoming many dangers if someone is willing to deter that success. And there is only one chance to sign with one of the great designers…!!

Can a family argument put relations with a valuable client in danger? Be careful, Supermodels…!!!


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Angus vs. Cheryl – now there´s a classic match if there ever was one! Play soccer with your favorite characters and show ém all you´re the best when it comes to shooting penalties. How many goals will you be able to score?

Transfer is a master of disguise, so you always have to be on the lookout; but the slightest detail can sometimes be the clue you need to find him out. Locate the seven differences in these pictures and prove that you’re able to do just that.

Help Mimi matching fruits to each color blocks to avoid floods in the kitchen

Protect Bernard from the baseballs. Pick up the helmets to increase the protection and the glves to accumulate points.

What a breakdown! Help Travis fix his tires. Combine colors to get more points in the four different modes of play available.

These canimals just love being themselves. Now they’re taking apart these puzzles without us realizing it. Can you put the pieces back together correctly?

Knock yourself out with this great interactive puzzle containing the different characters in Zoobabu. Try to complete the puzzle, and print it out if you like it!

Other Shows Activities

Fight boredom with pastimes from Willy. Download them and drive yourself crazy trying to figure them out! Can you do them all?

A sheet of newspaper and a little ability, you don’t need anything more to create your very own Dogtanian-style sword. Become a Muskehound and use your sword to defend the King of France, Juliette or whoever needs help.

Download various drawings of your favorite characters for colorizing. Print them and enjoy by colorizing them Khudayana and their friends.

Print the template and follow the easy instructions to assemble your own Bernard bookmarker. Be original! You can remember which page of your favorite book you read the last with the help of Bernard.

Cut out the card with adult assistance and fold by the dotted line. Glue the two halves by the blank side and you will list your zip. It only remains to take the letter to the mailbox and behave yourself!

Download various drawings of your favorite characters for coloring. Print them and enjoy by coloring Tigershark and his friends.

Download various drawings of your favorite characters for colorizing. Print them and enjoy by colorizing them Khudayana and their friends.

You just need a cardboard box and some Popsicle sticks to create your suckers puppets scenario. Let your imagination run free, play, and create the most outlandish situations with your favorite characters.