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Fantaghirò Videos

The kingdoms of Dana and Tuan have been at war for more than 400 years over something neither of them remember. In the magic forest of Oréa, the White Fairy hopes that the prophecy announcing peace will come true. When the Princess Fantaghirò is born, the st

Fantaghirò dreams that she is pursued by a mysterious character. Upon waking up, all she can remember is a voice repeating that she should search for the eyes she has seen in the dream. In the palace of Tuan, the princes that her father has chosen for her as pretenders to the throne begin to arrive, but Fantaghirò escapes into the forest. Meanwhile, Romualdo is presiding at the wake of his father, the king of Dana, who died on the battlefield. Will Fantaghirò and Romualdo ever find each other?

Prince Romualdo is sleeping in Oréa Forest when he is woken up suddenly by a nightmare in which is fighting against various Drakes and is helped by a mysterious Knight dressed in red with the same eyes as the girl he once saw in the forest and can’t forget had. Romualdo proposes to the King of Tuan a combat between the finest knight of Tuan and him in order to end the war. Fantaghirò will try to take part in the joust.